FRIENDS OUTSIDE IN SONOMA COUNTY provides a Constructive Conflict Resolution (CCR) Workshop for inmates in the jail facilities at least once a month. CCR Workshops are scheduled for three consecutive days which ensures that the group members have a concentrated and cohesive opportunity to experience the development of trust and confidence to learn and practice tools and methods to deal with potentially violent situations in constructive ways.

The CCR program is based on the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) Basic and Advanced Workshops models that have been successful in prisons and communities for over thirty years.

Conflict is a natural and normal part of life that any one of us may encounter in just about any aspect of our lives. Yet, much of what many of us have been taught about addressing conflicts either doesn't work or makes the situation worse. When handled poorly, conflicts, disagreements, and disputes can result in ruined relationships, abuse, violence, and crime.

FRIENDS OUTSIDE IN SONOMA COUNTY embraces the belief that people can learn improved ways to express their needs, anger, and hostilities. We believe there is a power for peace and good in everyone which can transform relationships in a positive manner.

During our intensive, creative, and fun workshops, our specially-trained workshop facilitators give participants ample opportunities to gain cooperation, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Participants are led through a carefully constructed series of unique exercises and role plays in which they use their own life experiences as building blocks to identify new choices and opportunities. Participants are encouraged to expand their self esteem, self-respect, and respect for others as they learn appropriate ways to deal with hurt, frustration and disappointment

Our CCR Workshops offer participants opportunities to learn and practice conflict resolution behaviors that move them toward getting what they need in ways that allow and support others to get what they need as well. The workshops provide tools and methods necessary for enhancing daily communication and resolving and positively transforming conflicts.

Constructive Conflict Resolution (CCR) Workshop Testimonials

"I've learned that it's easier to let go and forgive instead of holding on to the negative. I think it's going to help me stay clean."

"I had lived with so much violence and conflict that I never believed or even thought there was a way out or a way to stop the violence. However, even after the first few minutes of this class I felt hope for the first time in my life and started to see that there truly could be life without violence."

"I'll walk away with peace inside knowing that I have power-to use in a positive or negative way. I can control my own self in conflict."

"I got insight and realize I need to try alternatives, not to always go with my learned behavior."

"Any preconceived notions of what this class was about or had to offer went out the door within the first couple of hours. We learned to realize that conflict is inevitable but always solvable without the use of violence."